Photo Courtesy: GawkerRanting on your blog about how bad the food in the dining hall is will not make it any better. However there are other ways you can change the food on your campus as well as many other things. These organizations, are a great resource for you to fix things but also to get involved.

Dorm Life

The governing body in college dorms is the Residence Hall Association or RHA.  Each residence hall usually has meetings where students can come voice their concerns and stay abreast of events going on around campus. They handle everything from making sure there’s urinal cakes in the community bathrooms to giving advice on how to deal with a noisy neighbor.

The Food

Food on most college campuses has a reputation of being sub-par.  Their task is not that easy though; imagine feeding thousands of people. Despite that, most of us are paying thousands for the food. So if your food is below your standards, investagate whether you have a committee that holds meetings for students to talk with the heads of the company that services the school.


Sometimes people that commute get left out of being on top of the same information the students that reside in the dorms do. Many universities employ a commuter association.  This fills a gap because, last time I checked, commuters are students too. Besides having a purpose to help students with their direct problems, they also try (like RHA) to keep people in the know about events on campus.

Student Life

A lot of colleges have Student Life committees. The goal of these committees is to make sure they are providing the best possible experience for you. You are paying them an exorbitent amount of money, right? This applies to more than general student life. Some majors also have a student life committee that holds meetings.   

If you don’t have these committees at your school, don’t be afraid to create them. Universities welcome the birth of new organizations and invite students to create their own. Also it shouldn’t be that troublesome to get members, especially if you are creating it in lieu of a problem. Plus, if you do create a goup, that will look extremely good on your resume.  It shows great leadership and poise.

How do you fix things on your campus? Comment below or email me at [email protected].