The new task management application Things is beautiful.  Not just because it’s designed seamlessly with OS X 10.5 Leopard but more because there is beauty in its functionality.  There are so many ways for you and others to get things done. Things also won MacWorld’s 2009 Best in Show award.

Most college students are flying by the seat of their pants.  Things allows you to catch the ideas you have on the fly with quick task shortcut. This is awesome cause it can let you get back to what you were doing.  In the quick to do you can direct it to your inbox or you can save it to a project or area of responsibility. You can also add related sites, documents or presentations to go along with the task. This allows for you to quickly get at the presentations you may need to study for a test or for a project you’re working on.

The areas of responsibility portion I thought was really nice. I’m involved in many things including HackCollege so, being able to focus on those tasks is really helpful. Being able to separate classes, activites and other life tasks will leave you with a clear sense of mind. 

Each semester, we all have huge projects that might take the duration to complete. Things lets the user create projects, and divide them into smaller tasks. The “Teammate” function keeps your classmates involved, provided they have Things. Having people in the know about your tasks can act as another reminder because it is definitely easier to get on someone elses case, rather than your own.

Like OmniFocus, it does sync with iCal. Unfortunately for those who use mail, Things doesn’t sync with mail.  You can take Things with you via an iPhone app. It’s setup just like the desktop app’s sidebar and allow you to view and add to dos. This is a good compliment that help you capture your tasks as you think of them and not just while you have a computer in front of you.

All that glitters is not gold though.  The price tag is kind of hefty for college students.  It is hard for me to shell out $50 when I could do almost the same thing on Remember the Milk. But, if you have the means to get this program, do it. Also, it doesn’t have a time of day function, where you could put in the time something’s due. And as Chris said, a lot of what students have for homework is short term. In that way it’s kind of not for students.

Do you prefer OmniFocus, Things, or another GTD Application? Comment below or email me at [email protected].