Whether you started the semester strong or weak, it is most important that you finish strong. This is the time where students and teachers (at the detriment of their students) rush to get everything done during the final weeks of class. Spring fever is in full swing, set off by a taste of freedom known as spring break. During this time of finishing term papers and studying for finals there is a propensity for burn outs.  Here are a few tips to manage the final part of the year and avoid the dreaded burn out:

It’s never too late to make a plan

All is not lost if you kamikazeed your way through your pre-spring break academics. When you decide to make a plan, don’t multitask while doing it. Sit down with all your syllabi out or on your computer screen. There are a couple of ways you can make a plan. Calendars are usually the best bet.  A good thing to add to you calendar is create date where you should start focusing on assignments not just their due dates. Another way you can manage your end of the semester tasks is by creating a list with the most important assignments at the top descending down to the least important.

Don’t be afraid to take a personal day

Most college classes don’t take attendance and even if they do, professors usually give you some slack. So, if you feel a burn out coming on take a day and do nothing. If you are going to do something, and you haven’t made a plan yet, make one. Lack of planning was probably the cause of this, so using your time to make an action plan to help you rock socks and avoid and another, at least before the semester lets out.

On the personal day don’t pig out. Eat healthy. Try not to stay in bed all day unless you’re sick. Enjoy some simple pleasures. If something is really bothering you, take the day to talk about it. Vent, by either writing something (poetry, a narrative, even a letter) or call someone you can talk to about anything.

Know when you get your best work done

There are some points of the day where you are more productive than others. The key is to identifiy them and use them for actual work and not for games. For instance, I know I can sit in front of a book longer during the day than if I crack it open at 10 pm. So the trick is that you need to start knowing yourself and how you work. College isn’t about the 9 to 5, be abstract with your schedule!

What are your end of the semester strategies? Comment below or email me at [email protected].