Image Courtesy: assembly.orgRaves are awesome, and it’s not just because it’s an excuse to drop acid (disclaimer: I don’t drop acid.) but because you can use these hacks to make them even more awesome. Most of them deal with lights and stuff so you’ll need to have some tools before hand. This hack is definitely more usable if you live in an apartment with more room than a traditional dorm room. 

Light up Vodka

Instructables member ermak777 has put together a video detailing how to make your alcohol glow. This is a simple hack that literally involves taping and twisting wires around an LED bulb to make it glow. The end product is pretty sweet. If you can put just one of these behind the bar it’s going to look how do you say: “Off the chain.”

LED Light Sabers

Now, light sabers are good for any occasion but they are especially useful in the dark corridors of a house holding a rave.  This can be as cool as it is functional. Thanks to Instructables member Bongmaster there is a step by step process that is a little sophisticated but it is explained rather well. This is also a reusable alternative to glow sticks.  If you want to reuse a glow stick you can just put it in the freezer and it’ll maintain the glow it had when you put it in there.

Other Requirements and Extras

Of course you will have to have a black light. You can purchase a black light at places like Party City or something. On the subject of the black light, if you are hosting, encourage you guests to wear white because that’ll play nice with it.

Some places on line have glow in the dark hair gel if you want to go all out an give each guest a dab. This could definitely make your part more picturesque. The page also includes some body paint, just in case things get a little crazy.

On the music front, Daft Punk while splicing in some Girl Talk would be pretty decent. Unfortunately bumping Come On Get Higher isn’t exactly rave material. The Roots are pretty psychadelic sometimes so if you are going for a more of sixties rave than that techno rave that’ll work too along with any psychadelic rock fromt the sixties.

Have any other rave tips for fellow readers? Comment below or email me at mike [at] hackcollege [dot] com.