Butler is probably my favorite free productivity application for Mac OS X. It is completely customizeable and has a plethora of different features that are extremely helpful. It allows you to place any icons, search bars and a whole bunch of other nonsense on your menu bar and gives you access to hot corners just like expose. 

The hot corners will give way to pretty much anything you think of. The Macworld review can be seen here, using menus. This is also my choice but with each corner having two separate points, you could have up to eight hotspots that go to bookmarks, searches, or bring up menus for your homework or pron. The best part about that is isn’t sensitive like expose because it makes you click the hot corner so the there isn’t any unwanted processes on your computer. 

The docklet is another cool feature in Butler, but it’s kind of small. Most of us are used to being able to resize everything. It can give you instant access to anything on your computer. 

It has awesome customization with iTunes. Having the pause and skip button in the menu bar is a blessing. It’s just another way I don’t have to go back to the actual application to turn my music off. The floater that comes up to tell you what going down offers up a good amount of info too. It tell you the basics of the song, the rating as well as the volume. This is more than Sizzling Keys or Bowtie can offer. 

If you can bring the bundle the websites you reading into an aggregator like Google Reader or Bloglines set that as an hotcorner while coupling this with Facebook, Twitter and your school email, you’ll have all your social media and internet covered in about twenty minutes. This could leave you staring at the screen wondering what to do with yourself cause you don’t have an excuse not to do your work. Now you can do your work!