There are certain things at school you should waste your time and money on, like sex and beer. There are some unnecessary time-wasters. Here’s what you can do to save time: Image courtesy: McGill and Claudio Calligaris

Make the Internet work for you…

Going to multiple sites for information is a thing of the past. Whether it’s checking email, social networks or blogs, there is a way to consolidate the way you look at them.

If you are a member of multiple social networks, you don’t need to bother going to each one to check their specific notifications. FriendFeed is effective when it comes to doing this. It supports a copius amount of sites, keeping you in the loop without actually going into the loop. I also like FriendFeed because it allows you to choose who you want to be updated on. No more will you hear about the dating problems of random people from your graduating class but be the person everyone wants to talk to.

You got or will be getting an email address upon being accepted to a college or university. This adds another bookmark to your daily routine. It shouldn’t. Most popular email clients allow forwarding of one email account to another.  This is a blessing; to have all incoming mail filtering to one inbox. The client I prefer is Gmail, and if you have an account with Google already, setting this up should be a snap.

Why should you work so hard, go to a website and then read the information you want? You shouldn’t.  Sites like BlogLines, NewsGator and Google Reader were made to aggregate the material from your favorite sites through a process called Really Simple Syndication or RSS. While most any site has RSS, sites that are formatted like blogs are more suitable for the format of these sites.  Thankfully, most popular sites have setup their own blogs.

… So you can do your work.

The most efficient time to review your notes is right after class.  It’ll help you cement what you wrote or typed in your notebook into your brain. So take a half hour and go to a coffee shop or the library and review your notes after class. This will help you stay away from an all nighter before a test.

Do you have any special strategies to save time at school? Comment below or email me at [email protected].