Ahhh, Walmart.While the loyal readers of HackCollege are mostly dudes (let’s face it), we are curious ones. Every so often when over at a girl’s apartment, we may peruse the Cosmo magazines left about the room and scoff and their silly recommendations. College Candy, for those who don’t follow it, is something like a HackCollege, except for (mostly) gals who are more social than us. No matter, they’ve written a great post today with some awesome life tips for anyone.

The post is called “The 11 Things You Do in Your 20′s That You’ll Regret When You’re 40.” While HackCollege is all about fun and nerdly debauchery–I think we all have degrees in it–sometimes we need to come back down to Earth or go back to building something that will launch us off of this rock. The post is primarily written for persons of the female persuasion, but there are analogs for guys for all advice given.

Check out the post and peruse College Candy! I’m a huge fan of their “Cosmo Says the Darndest Things” monthly feature. (I may have a girl’s name, but I swear I’m not a girl.)

XOXO Kelly