Image courtesy: icanhascheezburger.comOkay, so after you’ve finished finals, packed up and shipped out, unpacked and had a quality ass meal from your mom, you sit there and ask yourself, what now?  Well, I’ve compiled a little list of possible things you could do to recuperate and prepare yourself for the next year at college. 

Relax. Just sit there and absolutely nothing. You probably deserve it.  I find the best way to pass time is to lay in bed with my computer and just click through LOLcats until I grow whiskers. You could find new music or have a movie marathon. It’s debateable that watching all three Lord of the Rings Extended Editions are more of a workout than time to relax.

Hone your craft. What’s your major? There’s probably a skill or two, that when you’re out in the real world or in upper level classes it’ll help you out and save you time studying in the long run. It could be learning new part of a coding language if you’re a computer science major or learning the major parts and functions of the brain if you’re a psychology major, neuroscience major or are pre-med.

Make money. Granted, there are millions of other people looking for jobs right now, but if you could score one that would be most excellent.  Nothing boosts a late night study session like ordering out. That money has to come from somewhere, right? Craigslist usually has jobs that are for summer camps and odd-jobs.  My buddy got a job off of Craigslist that landed him at the University of Pennsylvania working on a tech camp for kids. The jobs won’t be weird, trust me.

Give your hardware a boost.  The good thing about summer is that there’s a lot of time, time to do things you couldn’t do during the busy school year. If you found that your computer was running a little slow take this time to fix it. Adding memory is something at you can do your self and find it for relatively cheap on the internet.

Take a summer class. Community colleges are awesome because they are a nice way to take care of some gen-eds during the summer. While some schools may not let take the GPA you receive back in the fall, they certainly allow you to take the credits. If you’re in need of a boost in GPA it’s probably not too late to sign up for summer classes at your school. Getting a 4.0, getting some credits and learning yoga (phys. ed. requirement anyone?) sounds like an awesome way to spend the summer.

How do you plan on spending your summer? Comment below or email me at [email protected]