via free.macgames.jpA lot has been said about the convergence of the desktop application and the internet browser.  With Java coding languages like PHP and the group of languages know as Ajax have allowed effortless action without loading another webpage.  Adobe has taken it one step further, by creating an environment for developers to make rich web applications that walk and talk like desktop ones. Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) has been out in stable form offering over a plethora of applications.  After sifting through these applications, I’ve found some that have the potential to hack the crap out of studenthood.

TweetDeck. This one is probably the most successful AIR application, at least in the Twitterverse. The free application with a ton of intergrations. One of them is, which allows you to create a 12 second video that you can tweet.  TweetDeck has also added a possible gamechanging feature for them, Facebook support. On the heels of this update comes Facebook’s own Adobe Air application which isn’t what one would expect. The ony features are the News Feed and the Status Bar. Don’t clog up your computer, just get TweetDeck.

Focused. If you can’t help but see TweetDeck hanging out behind you project, in your dock or on your task bar; you definitely need to get Focused. Focused turns your computer in to a simple text editor. One of the problems is that because it’s a text editor you have to take what you wrote out and format it in another program. Also you have to print out whatever reference materials you’re planning on using. All in all, it does do it’s job of keeping you focused. 

Nomee. While this pretty piece of application is one of the Marketplace’s Staff Picks, I can’t advise you to download it. It’s an awesome idea in theory but, it only works if everyone you know has it.  That would take so much more time than a computer application is worth. The way it works is you get a card.  That card has all of your social networking accounts on it. From there you can acquire other people’s cards.  From that you can view and publish information from it. 

Multilingual Soft Keyboard.  So your school is making you take a language, eh? And your professor doesn’t understand that this language isn’t the cream of your crop. This application can’t explain that but it can making writing essays, or anything in another language easier. MSK has a ton on languages that have all the different characters other languages use.

The picture in this post will take you to Adobe’s site where you can download AIR. 

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