We know you love that cold pizza for breakfast — but what if you want to get a little classy? Let’s make that pizza hot!

Putting pizza in the refrigerator will break down the chemicals inside the dough, which gives it that bummer, tough texture the next day. (I know what you’re thinking: Do not attempt to leave pizza out at room temperature. That’s gross.) You’re only going to make it even more rubbery by putting it in the microwave or oven, which zaps the moisture inside.

As ridiculous as it sounds, the best way to reheat pizza is over the stove. Put a burner on very low heat and throw a slice on a griddle pan or even a plain old skillet. Think of it like a one-sided quesadilla. The bottom will get nice and crispy while the cheese melts to a perfect state of matter on top. Crank up the heat or cover the pan if you’re willing to forfeit quality for speed.

If you live in a place without the luxury of a stove, you might be better off just leaving it cold.

Image: makeyousayhmm