The State Department Is Using Facebook To Discuss Important Issues (via Federal Computer Week)

People around the world are conversing about important issues on the United States’ State Department Facebook Page. There are streams of important events like President Obama’s speech in Cairo, Egypt and important guests to chat with like the creator of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales. The most interesting thing about this page is that of the top ten countries people are subscribing from, none of them are the United States. The CO.NX page has chats every Tuesday.

Facebook Chat Surpasses 1 Billion Messages Sent Per Day (via Inside Facebook)

A lot of people are using Facebook Chat, enough that one billion messages are being sent. Now that Facebook has a large user base of people using Chat, it’ll be interesting to see where they go with this feature. Let’s cross our fingers for video.

Facebook, Twitter Come To Xbox Live (via CNET Gaming and Culture)

Though the connectivity between Facebook and Xbox will start out small, there is plenty of room for these two platforms to grow together. Users are going to be able to see the photos and streams of their friends while broadcasting their own accomplishments to their streams. There are also plans to integrate the credit system used on Facebook to Xbox Live.

Featured Facebook Connect Site: Howcast

Howcast is an Instructables-esque site that has a ton of videos that tell you how to do things. Facebook Connect allows any user sign in with their Facebook account and become a user within minutes.