If you’re moving off campus this fall, you’ve probably started to worry about gathering furniture for your new room. Although Ikea may be relatively cheap, it will be difficult to get a whole room furnished for under $1000. Here’s 5 ways to make sure you won’t be sleeping on the floor next year.

1. Call Aunt Janine

Furniture donated from friends and family is by far the easiest way to furnish a room. Call around and find out who has a spare bed frame or bookshelf collecting dust in their basement. You’ll be doing them a favor by taking it off their hands and they’ll appreciate the opportunity to see you.

2. Go to Yard Sales

Mission it out to a few garage sales every weekend, you’ll certainly be able to pick up a bunch of stuff at a very good price. It may not be new, but who you’re a broke student. Deal with it. Hint: Don’t shy away from that lime green wardrobe, just repaint it.

3. Build It

Making a bookshelf or a simple bed frame is surprisingly easy as long as you have a few spare tools and a weekend to give up. Most home renovation stores will cut wood to size if you ask them, then all your left with is some drilling. Although this is the most expensive option on this list, it’s still cheaper than Ikea.

4. Re-purpose

Need a bedside table? Why not stack a few milk crates on top of each other. If your friends call you ghetto, just tell them you’re bringing out your creative side.

5. Go Without

If you can live without it, why waste your money on it. Mirrors are a great example of things you really don’t need in your room. Heck, I have friends who use the kitchen table instead of a desk. Think twice about every purchase.

 Have any cheap home furnishing tips? Post them up in the comments section.