Facebook Lobbies Washington on Privacy (via InsideFacebook)

This article details the balance between privacy and what Facebook needs to keep the servers going. Right now, they are taking keywords to put up relevant ads. The company’s director of public policy, Timothy Sparapani worked as a legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union before coming to Facebook. That bodes well for people who want to keep their information out of the hands of people who want to make money off of it. 

The Fastest Way to Update Twitter and Facebook From Your iPhone (via Mashable)

This iPhone application allows for quick and easy publishing. The post includes a video to show the speed of application.

More Ways to Share in the Publisher (via The Facebook Blog)

Facebook is beta testing the new feature of its publisher that will allow users to tell it who can see the update. This goes along with the new filters to the news feed. Theses new filters let users see people’s updates even if they aren’t friends with them and the status updates they’re seeing were meant to be public. An update to the article is saying that the default privacy settings to the publisher are not going to change. The posts you create from publisher will only go to the users you want them to.