Most colleges/universities have dining halls with meal plans, duh. You might not eat from what’s in your dorm for a while because of said dining hall, or your college towns wide array of take-out food. We’ve got you covered over here at HC. Here are some foods that stay good for a long time. 

Peanut Butter

This past August I bought a huge jar of peanut butter.  It lasted until the start of summer session and didn’t change flavor one bit. It held up to me forgetting to close it at night and the times let it sit in a drawer under the bed for weeks at a time. 

Soy Milk

Okay, soy milk has gotten some flack recently about not being healthy for men to drink.  There’s an article recently in Men’s Health depicting a man who had dangerously high levels of estrogen from drinking soy milk everyday. He drank 3 quarts of the stuff per day. So for the purpose of this post, soy milk is definitely healthy provided you put it in your Lucky Charms once or twice a week. The stuff stays good for months at a time. 


Coming back from winter break there was some granola in tow along with yogurt. It’s a delicious treat. Anyway the generic brand that was purchased had some faulty ziploc-age. The piece of crap wouldn’t close. this wasn’t a problem though, as it stayed relatively good for months. If you actually buy some granola with decent packaging, it’ll probably stay good for even longer.

Dried Fruit

Stuff like raisins and apple chips are good examples of dried fruit. These are the types of food hikers take with them on trips because they don’t need to be refrigerated. The other good thing about dried fruit is it’s loaded with calories and energy, hence why you can find it in trail mix. 

Putting Bread in the Fridge

If you have the space to put a loaf of bread in your dorm fridge, go for it. It will extend its freshness much longer. So if you want to put some of the peanut butter you left in you closet shelf, from before between two slices of refrigerated bread, that’ll be a possibility for a couple of weeks.

Do you have any other foods that stay fresh for long periods of time? If you do comment below!