Private Scholarships Feel the Pinch [via the NY Times]

Anecdotes are slowly starting to trickle in that private scholarships around the country are starting to dry up. Some colleges just aren’t accepting applications. Yes, it’s the economy, stupid.

Cheerleaders? You’re All Cut [via the The Choice Blog]

Florida International University recently decided that its cheerleading squad wasn’t worth the cash, so they cut the entire team and are saving $45,000. How will FIU facilitate school spirit? Maybe their new $50 million stadium will help.

Blackboard Promises to Not Be Evil, Function Properly [via the Wired Campus Blog]

Our favorite opaque campus-organization software said this week it would “do more to follow industry software standards, and to participate more actively in their development.” The company’s head of course-management software even went as far as to admit some degree of failure. Cool. I’ll believe it when I see it.