Image Courtesy: Hans MastThe Iranian election turn revolution has become front page news all around the world. The Daily Show’s coverage of this movement showed how similar we can be to people who live half way around the world. They also showed how important this election is for college students and what they can do to help.

Champion the Cause

College students love to be down for the cause. Politicians can count on us at every election to walk around for no money to tell people how great they are. 

Get the Word Out

It’s more important for you to foreward the emails you get from the American based Iranian Politico-Action groups to the email addresses in your address book (You know, the ones your aunts and uncles gave you at your graduation party but never actually planned on talking to you).

Wear the Gear

As I said before college students will pop-up anytime a political action buzzword slips out of the mouth of a CNN reporter. What college students love about these causes is the shwag they can buy or work for in order to get. It’s like the badge of honor you get from going to the indie rock show last night except it’s an actual war with real badges of honor.