Live Notes from Future of Facebook Privacy Conference Call (With Screenshots) (via InsideFacebook)

InsideFacebook has put the whole conference call on their site. This details how the new privacy options are going to work. Facebook wants you to open up your information to the world, or Facebook wants the public information to create personalized ads just for you. Oh, what tangled web they have woven.

Twitter’s Popular Facebook App Has Been Broken Or Exploited For Days. (via TechCrunch)

Facebook has been getting a lot of flack for how their news feed has evolved to strangly resemble the Twitter timeline. Well, it looks like the flames have been stoked a little bit by a third party who has created an app that is currently blocking new users from adding the Twitter application to facebook. Users added the app before “Session Test” was put in to play are still able to use the connection but errors seem to pop up after they change their username or password on Twitter.

Great Wall of Facebook: The Social Network’s Plan to Dominate the Internet — and Keep Google Out
(via Wired)

Image Courtesy: Wired

There is something to the employees from Google going to Facebook. They are at war. It is an ideological war. Google’s constant use of algoritms and dedication to technicality has left designers, like Douglass Bowmann to leave the site. Facebook strategy is to let the hive mind control the web by having searches and problems fixed by contacting people instead of typing something in and “Feeling Lucky”.

Facebook Purity Removes Eye-Gouging Quiz Updates (via Lifehacker)

This is a Greasmonkey user script you can install in Firefox that takes away all those annoying quizzes your friends are taking because they can’t find jobs.