Image Courtesy: The Next WebA lot has been talked about Google’s new operating system over the last twelve hours since the Google Blog broke the news. If this OS is widely adopted, then it will change some things about being a student. Chrome will be developed from the web up saying, “the operating systems that browsers run on were designed in an era where there was no web.” For students nowadays everything revolves around the internet. From social sites to music to even word processing. As the blog post says, “we live on the web” and there isn’t a better example of that than the college student. 

The first version of the Chrome OS will be targeted at the thriving market of netbooks. The plan for the operating system is keep the user interface minimal as to maximize the screen real estate. This could be a good buy for students looking for a new machine at the start of 2010 school year. The lightweight OS should keep your memory and CPU usage down so you don’t have to bulk up your netbook with extra ram and a faster processor. Plus, Google says that the OS will have you booted up and on the web in a matter of seconds. 

Developers will be able to make applications for the operating system like they would make any other web application. The applications they make can be used in the Google Chrome OS and in the browser being used in the other operating system. This definitely broadens the user base for web developers. So all you computer science majors out there, start writing code now and you could the owner of your own Chrome OS application raking those Benji-greens. 

What does everyone think about the Chrome OS? Will it succeed? Comment below to voice your opinion!