Events Come to the Publisher (via The Facebook Blog)

On Wednesday, Facebook announced through its blog that the Events application is going to be integrated into the Publisher. Adding the Events application to the publisher is supposed to cater to more spontaneous events. Facebook says this will give more structure to events that would previously have been planned via status update. If you don’t want Karen or Brian coming you have to go into the application and make it secret.

Top British Spy Exposed On Facebook (via Mashable)

If anyone needs to take a look at their privacy settings it’s Shelley Sawyer. The wife of John Sawyer put the location of their home, their kids names and the location of their parents. Mr. Sawyer is the incoming head of MI6 (yes that MI6). Mashable says this mishap is a result of Facebook’s transition to being public.

Internet users heavily into cloud computing, most unknowingly (via Los Angeles Times)

This article is about Facebook directly. The article is a Q&A with the founder of Sun Microsystems, Andreas Bechtolsheim. It’s about cloud computing, the technology that save your photos and hosts your applications. Besides cloud computing, Andreas talks about making a good investment. Send a good idea to him and you might get $100,000 like Sergey Brin and Larry Page (the investment that started Google).