Salt Lake City Community CollegeCommunity Colleges changing what it’s like to be a student. These changes are simply reshaping the experience and could wind up helping students in the long run. The community college is an underrated asset to the college student.

When students spend there first two years at a community college they don’t have the other disturbances (good or bad) that students who are living a school face. Students just go to school and that’s it. Adopting this type of focus can help out a lot in the long run.  For one, your GPA will be higher. Also you’ll have developed skills to handle college level material in a setting that has less temptations.  So, when the time comes for you to move on to a university where there are bars and parties you’ll know when to let go.

Community Colleges are not only a vacuum for developing good study skills, they are also good for your wallet. Starting out at a community college will ease loans and help save for when you transfer out to get your bachelors degree. Having this extra money could lead to a better apartment, being able to pay for a better program or staying in a city with a higher cost of living. 

Getting an associates degree from a community college can get get your general education requirements out of the way and give you more time to figure out what your career is going to be. So, if you plan on being undeclared you might want to think about going to a community college, where you’ll have two years to decide. And if you decide during your first year, there is nothing that says students can’t transfer out after one year. 

Has community college been apart of your experience as a student? Comment below to share!

Image credit: Flicker User sic_jm