Turn a Pair of Water Wings into a Travel Pillow (via Lifehacker)

For those students to travel on a bus, plane or train to get back home; this would be a great travel accessory to have on the trip back to school. The person who originally concocted this this used a sewing machine but duct-tape could also be used. 

How to Move Out of Your Comfort Zone and How to Work a Crowd (via Stepcase Lifehack and Lifehacker)

By reading both of these articles you can get ready for school.  Starting a new year, especially for an incoming freshmen, can be hard. This is the time of the year to be networking, both for better grades and a better social life.

8 Tips for Better Internet Security (via Stepcase Lifehack)

College students are spending more and more time on the web for school and social related time-wasters. Don’t get robbed.

Balancing School and Athletics (via Gearfire Productivity)

This article is information for anyone who is involved in not just sports but anything at school.