We’re giving one of these away to one lucky back-to-school student! You should check it out.

I’ve never loved a backpack. But this one, I love. Here’s the caveat: It costs $120. $50 of that goes towards stiching a yellow spiral (their logo) on to it.

Get ready to port your whole desk anywhere. You’ll never believe how much fits in here. I fit a 17″ laptop, a netbook and 3 days worth of clothes. I bet it will fit all of your textbooks. But the deceptive design will keep you from looking like a bulky hitchhiker.

If I ever meet this girl, I’m asking for her phone number. The main laptop compartment is nicely padded and will snugly fit a “large” laptop, ridding you of a separate laptop cover/sleeve. Ingeniously, it’s located sideways so that you can swing the bag around on one strap and remove your laptop like it’s a satchel. (This easy access is what’s had me with the satchel-toting hipsters for so long. No more.) However, over time, I can imagine this placement taking some toll on your equipment as the straps tug your flat computer around the arch of your back.

On the other side of the laptop opening theres a longer opening for storing smaller items that you might need at a moment’s notice — just a swing around, like the laptop compartment. There’s a large main comparment in the middle with a U-shaped opening for squeezing in awkwardly thick textbooks. The pen/pencil pouch zips completely open so that you can easily keep it organized. And there’s a secret compartment!

Overall, it’s one of the most well-designed laptop bags I’ve ever seen.

The one we’re giving away has a really neat special feature: HackCollege embroidery!