Yesterday, while you were packing your belongings into a car, getting settled in the new place or even getting back from your first class of the semester, two students were eating pizza like… normal college students. Only faster.

To update those just joining us: Last week, we announced that we’d be giving away an HP dv6 (a huge notebook), a Mini 110 (an awesome netbook) and a Timbuk2 backpack via Twitter. Those who dilligently read our blog knew that tuning in to our Twitter accounts on Monday evening could win you the computers. And several hints along the way suggeted that it’d be a crazy challenge. We had some really evil ideas, but we ultimately settled on what we thought was a rather mild challenge:

We figured — pizza is a staple of the college diet and a student who’s savvy enough to keep up on Twitter and send us a video of them chowing down quickly embodies at least a few things that we enjoy.

We got tons of retweets and several entries, but it quickly became apparent that only a few people were taking this seriously. Right away, Brian Dunlay, a student at UC Santa Barbara, sent out his entry — which he was live-streaming through Quik. Smart, because as he recorded, Quik cached his video — eliminating any upload process. Perhaps it was a little unwise, though. Our Tweet asked for an uncut video and Brian’s cut in and out as his connection flaked for various reasons.

Brian decided to call it quits — his video didn’t work properly, so he presumed himself disqualified and he felt sicker than a typical Monday night. That’s when Kelly and I found him on, where he proclaimed his failure, live. But we couldn’t let him stop there! He was a few slices from victory with all the video to prove it — Kelly, several friends and I egged him on.

And that’s when a dark horse appeared.

Also streaming was a new student — via the TechCrunch “CrunchCam” we became aware of Peter Sauer, a 5th-year at Grand Valley State University. Colleague Dan Levine provides commentary on a separate camera:

It got down to the wire. Kelly and I, on opposite sides of the country, switched rapidly between browser tabs, anxiously watching each bite. Brian was moving very slowly due to a bulging stomach and Peter was speeding through the pizza faster than I’ve ever seen — his legs were shaking with excitement. The views on the live streams climbed to about 15 each. The chat room chatter got ruthless. My roommates gathered around the computer with me. Brian finished first. Moments later, so did Peter.

Both Peter and Brian finished the 2 pizza goal. And both rightfully rejoiced. But who won? Peter ate his pizza in a notable 13 minutes flat. Brian clearly finished before Peter — but it took him a total of almost an hour, and his evidence was shoddy — we asked for an uncut video.

Well, in a situation where we have two students this dedicated, we have no choice but to call it a tie. We made some last-minute arrangements in the past 12 hours and both Peter and Brian will recieve a prize package of two kickass HP laptops to jumpstart their semester.

Thanks to everyone who cared enough to watch, retweet or even read this. We hope the fall brings you the best.

Stay tuned. This is a big semester.