Hey everybody! Kelly here, just giving you a heads up about what’s been up around HackCollege these days. August was an awesome month for us and we’re all geared up for the fall. We hope you are, too.

New Posting Schedule

Starting today, expect posts daily. Perhaps even twice daily if you’re lucky. We’re bearing down and focusing much more on the writing this semester. We’re coming off of an amazing August after working with Lifehacker and we’re going to keep that going. (Welcome, new readers!)

Expect the good ol’ hacking college posts along with some more general college-related stuff.

New Writer

I’m pumped to introduce our new writer, David Pierce. He’s just starting his senior year at University of Virginia. He’s a great guy and an even better writer. You didn’t miss his first post now, did you?

The Show

Plenty of people have been asking me when HackCollege the show is going to return. We aren’t quite sure yet. With Chris on the other side of town and with one of those “job” things, producing 12 minutes of content week in and week out would be difficult. We will be bringing the show back eventually, but probably in a different format. Think of each week as being a segment.

Segments are easy to produce: they are self-contained and take about an afternoon. Last year, Chris and I would spend 2 solid afternoons and almost the entire weekend on the show. That’s probably why we were late a few times.

So those are the big things we have in store for HackCollege this semester. If you have anything you would like to see, discuss it in the comments!