The HackCollege writers are constantly emailing stories back and forth, wondering what’s worthy of posting or not posting. Chris sent me a link to a post from the New York Times Web site. The article is titled “Why College Costs Rise, Even in a Recession.”

During an episode of the HackCollege show last semester, we asked the question, “How come no one gets laid off at colleges?” Colleges freeze hiring, but never lay administration or faculty members off. Maybe they should. The NYT piece is chock full of observations that need to be answered in the coming years, now that tuition at private institutions is fast approaching the $50,000/year mark.

Did you know that many universities, like Lafayette, spend more on nonfaculty salaries than professor salaries?

“Why College Costs Rise, Even in a Recession” from the New York Times

Read the article and leave us your comments about university spending. What are some things you think your university could go without?