At HackCollege, we believe that every student should have a blog — regardless of your industry. With digital media exploding, there’s a much lower barrier of entry into many careers if you can get involved in the discussion online. Here’s what Brazen Careerist offers — a fusion between your blog and a career profile, with a young person in mind. It’s like combining your LinkedIn with your blog, creating an ideal career destination page that you’ll want put on your business card.

The design of this “career page” is perfect (above). Front and center is your name, picture, and other vitals. Right away, that HR stalker knows she’s in the right place. Below that, there’s a tab for your “ideas” (it’ll mostly be your blog posts — but it could be so much more) and a tab for your resume. That’s central to the navigation and those are the first things a prospective employer is going to want to see. The right column gives them a little look in to your personality: goals, interests, Twitter. It’s out of the way and brief. That’s all they need.

This new redesign is a lot of what’s new to Brazen Careerist, but there’s a bit of an enhanced community here also. Your home page at Brazen is a feed of others’ career pages. It’s supposed to foster a little bit of collaboration between other young people in your field, but I’m uneasy about whether that’ll actually work. 

I have one more reservation — I’d rather see students creating their own online presence. While Brazen Careerist offers an awesome network and a different kind of career-intensive exposure, I still think your LinkedIn profile and your own website/blog are the crux of your internship/post-grad job search. But even if you already have both, Brazen Careerist is another outlet that you shouldn’t pass up. You can link to your personal site and syndicate your personal blog posts through the Brazen system. It’ll take moments to set up and it’ll run itself for a lifetime, even if you don’t stay engaged in the Brazen network.

In all, it was worth-it enough for Kelly and I to set up profiles there, so I encourage you to do the same. If you don’t already have your own website, it’s a great placeholder until you do. But if you’re seriously after a job, Brazen Careerist isn’t quite the one-stop-shop.