Marie keeps her bookshelf pristine.

Our very first submission to our Featured Desk Spaces feature (hah) comes from Marie at the University of Ottawa, Canada, where she’s a sophomore accounting major.

She likes to keep her room and desk space as pristine as possible, utilizing what little space she has. If it sounds idealized for a dorm room; it definitely is. But Marie definitely pulls it off. She even has a GTD-inspired inbox. Cool. She explains,

My bedroom is 11’9″ by 8’7″ in a three bedroom apartment. First, I would like to point out that although it seems very clean/uncluttered, it was not for the pictures. This is what my room looks like all the time. Because it is so small, I need to put everything away right away or it becomes very messy. 

The bed, curtains, chair and desk were purchased used when we got the apartment. Two of the three bookshelves, the fan, alarm clock and lamp were from my room at my parent’s home. The printer was purchased used. Only new things were the one bookshelf (three mini ones @ $10) and the green drawer unit.  

I liked having nothing on my desk other than my computer and which books, notebook or textbook I currently need. The printer has a cable that runs at the back of the bookshelf that I only plug when I need to. I try to print the least amount of stuff, and mostly just print everything to pdf and leave it on my computer. 

Marie’s desk.

I have no other textbooks than the ones for this term because I have been able to sell everything from up to this point this summer. This is why I even currently have a spare shelf. 

I don’t have speakers, another monitor, or a keyboard, but I don’t have a mouse because the touchpad annoys me. I don’t find those things necessary for me. 

All my clothes fit in my closet even if its tiny (I have a tall drawer unit in there, my suitcase, laundry hamper, and a rod to hang as much stuff as possible. 

One last thing; the shoe box on [my bookshelf] is my ‘physical inbox’. This is where I put my mail, receipts, and anything else until I have time to deal with it. I never lose anything that way. 

The percent of college students that make their beds are in the single digits.

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