Everyone and their mother has spent the last couple of weeks telling you about which gadgets you need, and which you really don’t. Sometimes, they tell you about gadgets you think you need, but really don’t,.

Either way, if you’re headed back to school, or already back at school, and flush with a few dollars from that last summer paycheck, there’s some great stuff out there to spend it on, and a few tips on what to avoid.

Gizmodo’s got a great article with 10 things you need, and 10 you definitely don’t. (Need: a durable laptop. Don’t: a laptop lock.) It’s smart advice, and you’ll put your money in the right place.  They’ve also got a roundup of 10 awesome iPhone apps for students, in case you’re the cool kid with the iPhone.

Then, there’s Wired. The article’s called “The Best Gadgets for College Kids,” which is a fair title, but it really ought to be called “Gadgets that are sweet but that you could never afford ever ever ever.” Wired’s got some great products to buy, but is not exactly aware of the fact that we’re in college, we’re broke, and we don’t want to spend $400 on a voice recorder when I can get one that does the whole “record your voice” thing for about $35.

The winner for most complete roundup goes to Engadget. Engadget, another awesome gadget site, has a massive roundup with gadgets in every category, for every price range. Need an alarm clock, but don’t have $100 to spend on one? Engadget figured out the best for your budget, regardless of what it is.

College is one of the many things that can be made even more awesome by technology. If you’ve got a few bucks to spare, make it something high-tech. Because everything’s more fun on an iPhone, right?

  Photo: SlipstreamJC