With our economy crawling back from this volatile and sunken state, college students and graduates need every advantage they can get when it comes to job hunting. LinkedIn is a social network site for professionals and people aspring to become one of them.

Instead of having friends like Facebook, LinkedIn calls their business oriented relationships connections. Users can connect with people from past jobs, members of the same industry, or fellow students or alumni at their school.

The profile you create for the site is a living resume. Key elements of a LinkedIn profile include, job history, specialties, recommendations and education among other things. This is perfect for college students.

Companies also post jobs on the site in hopes of finding potential employees. You can search for the jobs posted on the site but it doesn’t stop there. LinkedIn also includes the results from other job sites taking you to their application page with a click.

Before going into an internship with a company, create a profile.  While becoming Facebook friends or Twitter followers of the people you meet at this internship, making them a connection will take the guess work out of why you still acknowledge their existence and vice versa.

Image: The SJSU Career Center

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