Tim Merchant’s desk setup at school in Seaham. Notice the Jack Daniel’s tap. 

Today’s featured desk space comes from Tim Merchant (@tmerchant), long-time HackCollege fan from across the pond and business marketing student in Seaham. He submitted a picture of his current desk setup, which is one part study, one part party.

Tim’s got a second monitor, Moleskine, white MacBook and the awesome Apple wireless aluminum keyboard. Or is it aluminium?

Although Tim may be residing in the UK, he still has a thing for the States as evidenced by his poster of New York and his Jack Daniel’s liquor tap. Now I’m trying to find space on my desk for such a thing…

If you’d like your desk to be featured on HackCollege, shoot an email over to [email protected] with a description and pictures of your desk. Don’t forget to tell us a little bit about yourself!