Ahh, coffee. An essential ingredient of productivity, especially for students. The mixture of it’s chocolaty smell, it’s caffeine-bestowing abilities and its social aspects give many students a reason to wake up in the morning. Nothing can beat a great cup of coffee.

Since we here at HackCollege are caffeine addicts, we’ve decided to put together a feature we’re calling Coffee Week. Throughout the next two weeks we will be bringing you daily posts about how to make the perfect cup of coffee as a college student (and save money doing it).

So keep an eye out for the following posts over the next two weeks:

  • Brewing methods that are faster, cheaper and better than your drip machine
  • The basics of good coffee
  • The dangers of caffeine and caffeine alternatives
  • Making a better latte without a Walmart espresso machine
  • How to roast your own beans in a popcorn maker
  • Why you should be looking for “direct trade” coffee and not fair trade
  • Making a better latte with a Walmart espresso machine
  • Making killer iced coffee
  • Finding the best coffee beans in your area