Image: Google Operating System Gmail is the email client of choice for a lot of students, and for some universities as well. Besides having the most advanced web-based email service around (for free), Googlers have added a lot of useful experimental features for users to try out.

Multiple Inboxes

This feature is great for students who are involved on campus. It creates a separate part of the inbox, just to show messages that have a certain filter. The message filters are easy to create too. Where the drop down reply menu is, there should be a “Filter Messages Like These” button. Put a label on it, like Outdoor Club, and click save. Go to the Multiple inboxes tab and create a pane for the search query, like ”label:Outdoor Club” separating those messages from the rest. This will help clear your head when it comes time to focus on one club or class.

Chat to the right

Widescreen laptops and computer monitors have become commonplace among college students. With all this extra horizontal screen realestate, it would make sense for bring their chat up to the right side. It creates a separate region for the screen where your large-ass buddy list can take its rightful place at the top of your page.

Inbox preview

At some universities, mine in particular, the internet can be painstakingly slow at times.  When Gmail is getting it’s sexy Ajaxed-up self all ready for your eyes, it could take a little while. So if you really need to know if your professor emailed you back, or if another group member emailed you their part of a presentation, you’ll know even before the main page opens. So, if your desired messages aren’t their then you’ll be able to stop the loading before anymore of your time is wasted.

Mail Goggles

This is an interesting feature. When opening Gmail the client asks you some math problems to see if you’re in the right state of mind to be sending mail. I feel like this Labs feature was made for college students. Hopefully it will prevent you from send an email to your prof telling him/her how you feally reel about that class, but maybe you’re good at math.

Forgotten Attachment detector

Group work is much harder in college than it was in high school mostly because there is more of a barrier when it comes to working outside of class. Most of the work is usually done through sending email attachments of work to be proofed and coalesced by other group memebers. Well, what if you forget to send the attachment. Not only does it make you look like a crazy person, but it could be detrimental to your group. So thanks to Gmail and their expert message reading technology, they’ll know when you have forgotten to add something.

Do you have a favorite Gmail Labs Feature? What is it? Comment below to share!