Today’s featured desk space comes from Jared Catapano, an intern over at the Ology on Campus! blog.

Jared’s setup seems focuses around serenity and simplicity. His 1968 Multisonic receiver powers the speakers in his room, while he’s rocking the 15″ Powerbook G4. He’s picked up an iMage webcam to mimick the iSight of the recent MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

He’s doubled-up on monitor space with a 19″ Acer monitor and a Razer Krait mouse (can someone say TF2?). He stores all of his videos on a 250 Gb hard drive in an Ineo enclosure. Jared says, “Everything works beautifully and I by no means have cutting edge technology.” True to that. Why replace what ain’t broke?

I’ve also gotta hand it to him for the George Harrison-Bob Dylan framed picture above his desk. 

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