There’s this funny thing you’re supposed to do every once in a while in college – it’s called “go to class.” I think.

Trouble is, between all the other stuff you’ve got going on, waking up for that first class of the day is an awfully elusive being. The first inclination, every single morning, is to just roll back over and fall right back asleep. But, and I’m just guessing here, that might not be great for your academic career.

So, that in mind, here’s a few tips to make hopping out of bed (or at least stumbling) a little easier.

Have a bedtime

Go to bed at the same time every night (or at least on weeknights). Even if that time is 2am, it’s critical that your body gets used to going to sleep at a particular time – you’ll fall asleep faster, and your body will adjust more easily to your sleep schedule, leaving you much higher functioning on less sleep.

Go Do Something

When you first wake up, go check your email. Or splash some water on your face. Make that part of your waking-up routine, and do it without fail. Always do the same thing, and make sure it’s something that doesn’t require a whole lot of brain power. Do it until you do it without thinking, and it’ll keep you from heading back to bed.

3 Alarms

Set not one, not two, but three alarms. And, if you can pull it off, set them all to exactly the same thing: the same song, or the same tone. Set them to go off about two minutes apart. You, in your sleepy stupor, are going to have to figure out which alarm is going off, and turn it off. Repeat three times, and you’re going to be awake. I put the same song on my iPod, computer, and cell phone, and it’s worked like a charm.

Drink Water

One of the reasons we’re so tired in the morning is that we’re dehydrated, having just gone so many hours without any water. So, first thing, go pound a glass of cold water. You’ll perk up from the cold, and in a few minutes perk up from being hydrated again.

Kill the Snooze

I’ve found that I’m more prone to hit snooze twelve times than I am to just turn off the alarm and fall asleep. So what I’ve done is put duct tape over the snooze button on my alarm. Now, my only option is to turn the alarm off, and even sleepy me knows that’s not a good idea if I’m still in bed. So out of bed I get, if only to make sure I don’t sleep for six more hours because I turned my alarm off.

Waking up’s the worst thing in the world, in my humble opinion, and sleep’s awesome. But sometimes, you’ve got to get up. The key is to get up, and immediately do something  - once you’re active, you’re not likely to fall back into bed.

How do you force yourself out of bed when you don’t want to?

(Image via me and the sysop)