Don’t you dare put that pitcher of coffee in the fridge! My summer gets a little more winter-y every time someone does that — not the nice kind of winter — the sludgy, crappy part where all the snow is melting and ruining my life.

“Fresh brewed coffee” is a cliche because coffee is so much better when consumed right away. Leave it in the refridgerator for 12 hours and you’re losing tons of flavor and risking some staleness along the way. (Ever accidently sipped the mug that’s been sitting at your desk since this morning?)

Here’s all you do instead — brew it at double strength, then pour directly over ice. “Double strength” means four tablespoons of coffee per 6-8 ounces. It doesn’t matter which brewing method you use.

It’s worth noting that there are methods, even very simple ones, for cold-brewing coffee. Though the professional methods can be quite good, I don’t stand behind the others when compared to a truly fresh brew. But please leave me your thoughts in the comments!

[image via timparkinson]