4 beds, 1 room

Last week, reader Ben Torell submitted his desk setup for our regular Featured Desk Space feature. He also mentioned something in his email I think deserves its own separate post. I had debated about doing this my sophomore year, but never quite got around to it with my roommates. It’s called “super-suiting.”

Many schools have “suite-style” dorms: two regular dorm rooms connected by a shared bathroom. At LMU, all sophomore housing has a suite-style setup. It’s a certain “Congratulations! You don’t have to share a shower with 30 other people” from your institution. The budding college hacker will think, Hey, I can optimize this space. And thus, super-suiting was born.

2 desks, other room

Super-suiting your room separates your entire suite into discrete tasks. You move all 4 beds into one room and then leave the now-empty room as a workspace or living room. Moving all 4 beds into one room will inevitably require them to be bunked.

To some, this might just be reorganizing an already-claustrophobia-inducing suite into another claustrophobia-inducing configuration. For others, this might be the solution you have your roommates have been looking for to get some studying done.

There are two potential problems with this setup, though. At many universities, this is strictly prohibited in the community handbook. That’s never stopped you before, though. Also, if you’re planning on bringing members of the opposite sex (or same, we don’t judge) back to the room you could run into some difficulties. Rather than sexiling one person, you would potentially be sexiling three. That’s just not cool. But let’s face it: we’re nerds, so the probably of such an event is negligible.

Have you super-suited your suite or apartment? Send some pictures to [email protected]!