Contrary to their claims, many bibliography services out there are just not that easy to use. You have to sign up for an account or install some funky Firefox plugin. We here at HackCollege set out to change the way people think build bibliographies for papers.

Introducing, the Bibliograph! bookmarklet. Once it’s in your toolbar and you’ll be generating MLA bibliography entries on the fly from book pages and select types of Web sites. As we continue to work on this little tool into the future, we will be adding functionality for a greater number of Web sites.

While there are many limitations to this bookmarklet for the time being, we think its simplicity will give people a big reason to use it.

Right now, the bookmarklet works on book pages and a few other blogging platforms. It will work in Safari and Firefox. We will be continuing to work on it as we move ahead. (Think and YouTube videos!)

For now, watch our little demo video:

Check out the Bibliograph! page.

If you have any suggestions or bugs, please send them to [email protected].