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Blog the Olympics. Courtesy of Microsoft.

Secret: if you start a blog, you will get bombarded by PR people. 99% of it falls into the “noise” category. Every once in a while, you’ll get an email in your inbox of a company doing something cool or giving away something awesome.

Today an email landed in my email inbox saying the Microsoft will be sending a student blogger to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver for free. The Olympics. For free. Actually, they are basically paying you. They’ll throw you an Acer laptop and Microsoft Office, so you can get your job done while you’re out there. Talk about a February well-spent. 

While I may not be the best fit for the contest, I entered anyway. I encourage you to do the same

While we may harp on Microsoft plenty around here, I think the Redmond company is slowly starting to get it. Gone is the Microsoft that made me switch to a Mac. With Windows 7 coming out soon and Microsoft Office (online!) right around the corner, Microsoft will once again make me seriously consider my next computer purchase. Damn you, Microsoft, damn you. Why are you making me like you again?