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This could mean one of two things for you; either reuse the bags as a trash bag, lunch bag, barf bag, whatever bag. Also, some grocery stores have plastic bag recycling containers. The one around my way uses the plastic to build benches like tires are used to build that playgound flooring. In the end, reusing or recycling plastic bags will cut down on the clutter in your dorm or appartment and may save money.

The environmental impact of the reusable cloth bags is close to nil, which is really nice. They are relatively cheap and keep the plastic bags from even getting into your residence. The best to put these back into your car. If a car isn’t an option, try putting them in a place where you’ll remember them the next time you hit the store.

Add, don’t Multiply

Before heading to the grocery store, take a peak inside your cabinets and fridge. See what you can get at the store that will use what you have and what you’re going to have. For instance, you bought some granola to use with the yougurt you had, but the yougurt went bad. Knowing this will tell you to get some yougurt and thus utilizing the granola you have. Everyone wins.

Travel in packs

Going together as an apartment or as friends can save all of you serious money. Buying things together with your roommates like milk, OJ, butter, etc. is going to free up room in the fridge. Of course there’s the other benefit of carpooling which is saving gas.

Don’t go on a schedule

Try to get as much mileage out of your food as you can. Don’t feel like you have to go every week. But at the same time don’t go hungry. Try to get foods that stay good for a long time. Also, if you are find that you are spending as much money on booze as you are on food then here’s how to ask your parents for money

Eating Fresh Saves Money

Fresh fruits and vegetables are delicious. For college students, those in dorms especially, it’s hard to keep them because they stay good less time than there is to eat them (when there’s a meal plan involved). If you are living in apartment without one though it’ll pay off for your body and your wallet if take carrots over HotPockets.

How do you eat/food shop at school? Have any tips? Comment below to share!