It’s not often you get to dedicate an entire week’s worth of content to a piece of software.

HackCollege is getting to the point now where big companies are starting to care about what we have to say. Last week, Rob Fay from Blackboard got in touch with us and left a comment on a heated Blackboard post. It takes some big cojones to address someone critical of you on their own turf. Props to that. Seeing as how the topic of Blackboard and its shortcomings resonates with the student audience well, we’ve decided to dedicate an entire week to it.

Rather than just rant until our fingers bleed, we are going to dedicate the next week of posts to Blackboard and what it can do better the next time around (if there is a next time around). We like to think we have some pretty good ideas when it comes to Web applications for students. We’re also inviting you, our trusted readers, to be critical of our ideas. Maybe together we can help Blackboard dig itself out of the hole it’s in.

Tune in next week for HackCollege’s Blackboard Week, where we will be fixing Blackboard one post at a time.