I bet all these students are cool with Dr. Casey. Image via Depauw.edu

I almost want to transfer after reading this article from The New York Times’ Blog The Choice. DePauw University’s President, Brian Casey, is extremely involved with the students there. He does his morning workout with the swim team… at 6:00am. He hosts parties at his place (The Presidential Mansion). The Tiger Crazies chant his name at football games. What more could you ask for than a president showing their students they’re human?

A University Where the President Knows Everyone’s Name (NYT)

The presidents at your colleges and universities are most likely human too. A lesson that can be learned from this article is that presidents aren’t as high and mighty as their position makes them out to be. If you’re at an event where your prez is mingling, go talk to him/her. It could be extremely beneficial.

Have you ever interacted with the president at your college or university? Comment below to share!