Mojaam’s pad

Sorry for the cheesy title. I couldn’t resist.

Today’s Featured Desk Space submission comes from Mojaam, a current information systems student at UMBC in Baltimore.

Mojaam, along with just about every other HackCollege reader it seems, has the dual monitor setup. Mojaam wouldn’t want to study too hard, so he’s got his Toshiba TV with an XBox 360 nearby. Mojaam is definitely a gamer through and through, he touts that his desktop has all sorts of fancy components to it, like a GeForce 9500 GT. Oh I wish I had time for Team Fortress 2.

Bonus: Mojaam’s posters were printed off of deviantArt, the home of one of the largest art communities online. Cool!

Thanks for sharing your room with HackCollege, Mojaam!

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