Most people love snow days. And for those that don’t, this article from Lifehacker may help you forget you’re even swallowed up in your apartment or dorm. There are some tips that’ll help you stay connected with your work and being adept at how your school handles such things.

Prepare Your Workflow for a Snow Day (Lifehacker)

The article above was geared for people who have actually jobs. While students don’t necessarily have “real world” jobs, our workload as students can be likened to that of a real job. So, one thing that would be applicable to students that wasn’t talked about in the article was using the day to catch up or get ahead.

A snow day is awesome for catching up because you don’t have deal with any other distractions (save a roommate with a WOW addiction who’s allergic to headphones). It’s just you and the textbook, screen, or sketchpad.