It’s with much excitement that we’re announcing a new member of the HackCollege family. Tomorrow morning, a new site we’re calling Discuss Campus will be launching.

Discuss Campus will the the go-to place for questions about college. Anything from “What are some good schools for computer science on the West coast?” to the favorite “How can I shotgun a beer faster than all of my friends?” (Almost) anything goes. 

The entire site is an implementation of a new platform called StackExchange. There are several successful sister sites out there for different topics such as StackOverflow (for software developers) and VideoWTF (for video peoples). We figured we could be the best overseers of the college-related one. Sweet.

So get ready to head on over tomorrow morning, create an account (with OpenID) and start asking and answering questions! We’ll be featuring some of our favorites questions and answers here on HackCollege as time marches on.