We know you think potato chips are a well-rounded meal, but to lots of other people, they’re just a snack. That means we usually munch them while doing something else — sometimes, at the computer. And though they’re bad for your diet, they’re even worse for your keyboard. Salt crystals and phony flavor powder gets all over your fingers, then all over your keyboard and mouse. Gamers, we know you have the same problem also. 

It’s annoying and it’s a mess. And keeping a napkin close by doesn’t always do the trick. 

Thinking back to my Revision3 days reminded me of an excellent hack for stopping snack mess that Bit Wrangler Chuck Siu imparted to his coworkers: use chopsticks. They keep your fingers clean, your keyboard cleaner and they make it that much easier to snag those last few buried in the bottom of the foil bag. 

After a little practice, you can eventually get the hang of typing and using a mouse with the chopsticks still in your hands.