My desk space is… kind of cluttered and uneventful.

Well, I figured it’s about time I put my own desk up here. The world wants to know.

My desk may be quite the let-down for anyone expecting some crazy, avant-garde ultraproductive setup. It’s pretty plain without anything special to it. (Maybe the fact that I haven’t spent much time on it is productive? I dunno.)

Here’s a quick rundown: I’ve got my 15″ MacBook Pro sitting on the awesome Griffin Elevator laptop stand. I recently turned my Dell 2005FPW sideways to accommodate for papers and long blocks of code. I use it as my primary monitor. I’ve got the Apple aluminum keyboard and an old school Logitech MX500. I’m eyeing the Apple Magic Mouse.

I use my keyboard tray as a little workspace. I’ll jot a note down, work out a problem or do some reading there. When I’m not using it, in it goes.

I try to keep only work related things on my desk. Except when I go to sleep, then I kind of to a pocket dump on my desk. I’m thinking I should move that into a shoebox or something…

So, what do ya think?

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