If you’re already a Twitter user, you probably get why Lists are so cool: they’re an awesome way to follow whole groups of interesting people, in one place, without letting them get all cluttered among everything else you follow.

If you’re not a Twitter user, Lists are a great reason to become one. You can follow lots of people, get information and updates all in one place, and get up-to-the-second news and interesting info in ways that never existed before.

The student world is no exception. There are tons of people on Twitter who either are students, talk about students, or are just interesting in some way or other that’s relevant to us as students. Here are eight great lists that students should follow:

Top 50 Funny: 50 hilarious people, from Dwight Schrute to Darth Vader, who are always making the Twitterverse laugh.

Breakingnews: Some of the best and most popular news companies that are on Twitter – an awesome source for up-to-the-second news headlines from a number of different companies.

Recommended: Poorly named, true. But this is a great list full of people who are into technology, education, and how each matters to the Web. This one’s a huge range, but some seriously great stuff.

EdTech: More of the same – lots of people involved with education and technology, helping bring the classroom into the 21st Century.

Universities: a number of colleges and universities that are active on Twitter.

Young Smart Newsies: Young people making and reporting news, and mostly doing so in interesting ways.

Top 50 Celeb: The people, from Ashton Kutcher to Barack Obama to Shaq, who are bringing Twitter rapidly into the mainstream. Who doesn’t want to be friends with a celeb?

Coaches Advisors Mentors: People who get how to succeed in business, and in life. Lots of good advice, fun stories, and interesting tidbits from people who just win.

Whether it’s news, advice, or funny comments from stars of The Office, you can find it all on Twitter. And with Twitter Lists, you can find it all a lot more easier.

What lists do you follow?