We launched a new site this week, Discuss Campus. There was a huge flood to the site and there is already a healthy community over there with over 200 questions asked in the first 2 days. Awesome. There were quite a few questions that generated a lot of answers and reputation. (By the way, my reputation is at 117. Beat that.)

Here are this week’s best questions and answers.

What are some must read books for college students?

You know, like the classics, etc. What are some that you think every student should read?

Laptop or netbook?

I’m going to be living off campus and have a computer at home that I can use for papers and research. Will I need a laptop on campus for note taking or presentations? If so, what’s your preference? Laptop or Netbook and why? I’m leaning toward getting a Netbook just for portability but don’t want to handicap myself on needed equipment if a laptop would serve better. Again, this is not a desktop replacement, merely something I’d use only when on campus.

Do people use vodka in their eyes to avoid calories?

I heard about these sorority girls who use vodka in eye-droppers as a way to drink but avoid calories. Would that work? I bet it would sting or something.

How can I make a group project less of a clusterfuck?

I was just assigned a group project and I’m worried it will become the same thing that every group project ends up being: a clusterfuck.

What are some good ways of preventing this from happening?

How do I keep myself from snoozing in the mornings?

I keep missing my 8am class because I keep hitting snooze. How does everyone else get out of bed so easily?

How can I start generating passive income as a student?

I’ve read around online of people starting to generate passive income (i.e. generating income without working all the time). What are some good ways to get set up with passive income? Are there any things that are student-specific?

What are some of your favorite questions on Discuss Campus?