Got a question? Head on over to Discuss Campus and ask it! Photo by flickr user Marco Bellucci

Just a week after its launch, Discuss Campus is alive and very healthy. There are a bunch of great questions being asked and answered on the site. Thanks everyone for participating!

Here are this week’s best questions:

How can I avoid getting my party rolled by the police?

What are some good, innovative ways (other than just keeping the noise down) to prevent my party from getting rolled by the police?

Is Verizon’s Droid a good phone for a student?

The new Verizon Droid dropped last week.

Does it have any functionality that works really well for the student lifestyle? Does your university have Google Apps?

How can I handle a heavy reading load?

As a history and politics major, I often find myself completely overwhelmed with the amount of reading that I have to do each week. What are some ways that you all handle heavy reading loads?

What is the best blogging platform for students?

There are so many to choose from. What offers the best range of options for a new student blogger?