It seems these days that everyone’s jumping with both feet onto the Twitter bandwagon – and that includes colleges. Employees, departments, school teams, and even college presidents are getting onto Twitter, and engaging with students and the public in cool new ways.

One of the best ways to see how colleges are using Twitter is GlobalQuad, a site tracking the tweets and twitters of some of the best colleges around the United States. A lot of schools now have Twitter accounts for things like alerts and news, as well as reporting sports scores and the like.

But some schools are using Twitter in even more awesome ways. For instance, the University of Virginia (where I’m a senior) has accounts for announcing various things happening around campus, tracking our sports teams, giving career advice, and even an account for the school newspaper.

GlobalQuad tracks them all, and puts them into a single feed that acts as a University-wide news feed, that you can either follow on GlobalQuad or Twitter. And UVA’s not the only school – there are a rapidly-growing number of universities and colleges that are using Twitter (and you can even add your own, if it’s not already on GlobalQuad).

Twitter’s undoubtedly the fastest way to get news and information that matters to YOU, and when we’re in college, knowing what’s going on, what there is to do, and when your team wins a soccer game is pretty awesome.

What else are colleges doing on Twitter? What do you wish yours would do?